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Home > Pokemon > Pokemon Gashapon > Keychains-straps-accessories > Item#: 54311246310
Home > Gashapon Shop > Pokemon Gashapon > Keychains-straps-accessories > Item#: 54311246310

02-46310 Pokemon Diamond and Pearl keychains 200y

02-46310 Pokemon Diamond and Pearl keychains 200y02-46310 Pokemon Diamond and Pearl keychains 200y
Price: $3.99 each

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Additional Images
Pokemon cell phone charm with a screen cleaner. Tie these onto your cell phone, Nintendo DS, etc. The screen cleaner is a flat "pokeball" with a micro fiber type of material on one side. Use it to clean smudges and fingerprints from the screen. This is a Gashapon (Japanese Capsule Figure), and comes packaged with a Japanese text insert. Packaged in a clear plastic bag. Figures are 2-3 cm tall.

More Buying Options:

Sku: 54311246310s     OUT OF STOCK

Price: $23.99

[A] Palkia[A] Palkia

Sku: 54311246310a

Price: $4.99

[B] Dialga[B] Dialga

Sku: 54311246310b

Price: $4.99

[C] Riolu[C] Riolu

Sku: 54311246310c     OUT OF STOCK

Price: $4.99

[D] Happiny[D] Happiny

Sku: 54311246310d

Price: $4.99

[E] Drifblim[E] Drifblim

Sku: 54311246310e     OUT OF STOCK

Price: $4.99

[F] Pikachu[F] Pikachu

Sku: 54311246310f     OUT OF STOCK

Price: $4.99

Gashapon and Trading Box Figures FAQ
What do you mean "one random"?
Gashapon figures and trading figures are generally sold "randomly". Gashapon are dispensed from a Japanese Capsule machine and trading figures are blind box sealed. When you purchase these this way you cannot select the figures you want, hence they are sold "randomly". Each figure in a set are sold individually.

When you purchase "One Random" , what does that mean?
It means you will get what ever our warehouse guys pick from available stock at the time we pack your order. You can't choose what figures you want.
Note: Some figures may be out of stock and NOT available OR they may only be available in a set purchase.

What if it is a set of 5. If I select 5 "random", will I get  a complete set?
It is possible. Will I get doubles? triples? Quite possible. They could all be the same however unlikely. Remember, we are picking them at random!

Why would I purchase "One Random"
(1) Some people have no preference as to what they are getting. (2) Almost always, you will find the "random" selection to be cheaper. (3) Some people like the thrill of getting a surprise.
Note: We reserve the right to limit quantities

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Item Sku: 54311246310