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Home > Trading Figures > Tiger Mask Trading Figures > Item#: 58012281701
Home > Anime > Tiger Mask > Tiger Mask Trading Figures > Item#: 58012281701

01-81701 Tiger Mask Trading Figures

01-81701 Tiger Mask Trading Figures
Price: $7.99

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If you're like us, you have no idea what anime series this is. That being said, you can not ignore this trading figure set! The first thing you'll notice is the amazing sculpts bursting with detail. These figures almost look like someone shrunk down an expensive statue into the size of a large trading figure (most stand just over 3 inches). Don't let the little size fool you, these figures are composed of a heavy resin-like plastic, giving them a nice weight and feel that adds to the ascetic appeal. The paint job shouldn't be left unmentioned, and looks like a talented airbrush artist spent a long time shading every inch of the figures! This set also features chase figures, alternate colors of black and white. With most trading figures, getting a gray scale version of the figures would be a disappointment. Not so with these Tiger Mask trading figures! Much like some black and white photography brings out the contrast and shadows in an image, these figures look AMAZING in their black and white alternate versions. With all these things to consider, not knowing where these characters come from is no excuse to pass up such emasculate figures.


  • 6 different figures in this set, plus alternate color versions.
  • AMAZING paint job with nice air-brush-style effects.
  • Constructed from a high quality resin-like material.
  • Most figures stand just over 3 inches in height.
  • A must have for any figure collection!

More Buying Options:
[SET] Set of 6

Sku: 58012281701s     OUT OF STOCK

Price: $41.95

[A] Gryffin[A] Gryffin

Black and white alternate versions may replace pictured style.

Sku: 58012281701a     OUT OF STOCK
Price: $7.99

[B] Naoto Date / Tiger Mask[B] Naoto Date / Tiger Mask

Sku: 58012281701b     OUT OF STOCK

Price: $7.99

[C] Ring Master[C] Ring Master

Black and white alternate versions may replace pictured style.

Sku: 58012281701c     OUT OF STOCK
Price: $7.99

[D] Lion[D] Lion

Black and white alternate versions may replace pictured style.

Sku: 58012281701d     OUT OF STOCK
Price: $7.99

[E] Zebra Man[E] Zebra Man

Black and white alternate versions may replace pictured style.

Sku: 58012281701e     OUT OF STOCK
Price: $7.99

[F] Tiger Mask (without cape)[F] Tiger Mask (without cape)

Sku: 58012281701f     OUT OF STOCK

Price: $7.99

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Item Sku: 58012281701